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May1966Company name changed New Japan Marine Co.,Ltd.
September1970Moved to Aritaki-cho, Ise City. Completion of the first factory.
October1971Completion of the second factory.
March1976Expanded and reconstructed the first factory into a large ship assembly yard.
January1990Began production of Japan's largest class FRP 32M passenger ship (152 gross tons), completed in July of the same year.
April2002Concluded a contract with Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. for the manufacture of pleasure boats.
March2006Concluded a contract with Toyota Motor Corporation for the manufacture of pleasure boats.
February2008Completion of the third factory.
March2009PONAM-28L" (Commissioned by Toyota Motor Corporation) won the Japan Boat of the Year 2008 Grand Prix.
July2011Raicho 1" (commissioned by Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology) wins the Ship of the Year 2010 Small Passenger Ship Award.
August2011Construction of approximately 640 small Japanese-style boats and small fishing boats as part of an earthquake reconstruction project for areas affected by the Tohoku earthquake (March 11, 2011).
March2012PONAM-35" (Commissioned by Toyota Motor Corporation) won the Japan Boat of the Year 2011 Grand Prix.
November2014Meiwa Plant opened in San Oyodo, Meiwa-cho, Taki-gun (later closed in November 2020).
March2015PONAM-31" (Commissioned by Toyota Motor Corporation) won the Japan Boat of the Year 2014 Grand Prix.
April2015Oita Factory (New Japan Marine Kyushu Co., Ltd.) established in Shimohara, Aki-cho, Kunitachi, Oita Prefecture.
October2015Concluded a manufacturing contract with the Ministry of Defense for the delivery of 11m type workboats and 7.5m RHIB.
March2017Japan International Cooperation System (JICS) Delivers three of ODA 11m Traffic Boats to Marshall.
April2018Crown Agents Japan Delivers 15 ODA Patrol Boats to Kenya.
October2020Oita Operations Certified for MICHIBIKI Demonstration Experiment by Cabinet Office; Patent Acquired for GPS MICHIBIKI Vessel Positioning System.
March2023"NSB335" won the Japan Boat of the Year 2022 Mid-Sized Boat Division Award. And "Automatic Takeoff and Landing System" won the Japan Boat of the Year 2022 Special Award.


Ise Head Office

Trade NameNew Japan Marine Co.,Ltd.
EstablishmentSeptember, 1964
Location2259 Aritaki-cho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture, Japan
RepresentativeDaisuke Nakakita, Representative Director
Capital stock30 million Yen
Phone number+81-596-37-6000
FAX number+81-596-37-2278
Number of employeesAbout 70


Oita Factory

Trade Name New Japan Marine Kyushu Co.,Ltd.
EstablishmentApril, 2015
Location252-5,Shimobaru Akimachi Kunisaki-city, Oita Prefecture,Japan
RepresentativeDaisuke Nakakita, Representative Director
Management ResponsibilityShigeru Yamamoto, President
Capital stock10 million Yen
Phone number+81-978-67-0215
FAX number+81-978-67-2690